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The primary interface between the body and the external environment is the skin, biology homework help

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write an answer around 400 words and more for the following questions. be clear and explain well things

1. The primary interface between the body and the external environment is the skin. Thus, a variety of receptors exist within the skin for the detection of our external environment. List the three classes of receptors found in the skin (with an example of each with its function), and the pathways that those stimuli must follow to reach the somatosensory cortex.

2. Test anxiety involves worry and dread about test performance and often interferes with normal learning and lowers test performance. 20-30% of American students have experienced test anxiety. Some causes of test anxiety include fear of failure, waiting until the last minute to study, and/or those who have had trouble taking tests in the past. List at least five symptoms of test anxiety. Explain what autonomic division are the cause of the symptoms and its effect on target organs. Finally, what drug might be prescribed to alleviate the symptoms of text anxiety and explain its mode of action?

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