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PGCC 3D Models of Bacterium Classifying Bacteria Bacterial ID & Microbial Pie Lab Report

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Lesson 4

Activity 1: 3D Models of Bacterium

Construct a 3D model of two bacteria, cocci and bacilli . You can use clay, food, or other materials. You will need to use the information you learned during the task.

How is the size of the bacterium different than that of viruses?

Take a picture of your bacteria to upload it along with your answer to the question.

Activity 2: Cultivate the bacteria that grow on your hand

Ingredients: small airtight container, gelatin dessert

If you buy gelatin from a package,
follow the instructions to make it. If you cannot make the gelatin
yourself, you can buy gelatin already made. (try to find a clear gelatin
if possible)


  1. Heat water on the stove and add the
    package contents to it, stirring the mixture vigorously until the
    gelatin grains dissolve. While the solution is still hot, pour into
    container where you want to cultivate your bacteria, and put the lid on
    in order to avoid contamination.
  2. Store the container in the fridge overnight so the gelatin can solidify.
  3. Remove from fridge once solid, touch the surface of the gelatin with your fingers
  4. Put the lid on again and leave the container at room temp or near the radiator for 2 days.
  5. After a few days you will see some
    white spots on the gelatin. These are your hands’ skin bacteria. Even if
    you try to wash your hands and repeat the experiment again, we will
    always have bacteria on our hands.
  6. Leave the gelatin for longer to see how much the bacteria grow.

Write up what happened during the lab. Provide an explanation for your results.

Activity 3: Classifying Bacteria Lab

Complete the virtual lab Classifying Using Biotechnology

Activity 4:Bacterial ID Lab

Complete the Bacterial ID Lab.

Activity 5: Case Study

Complete the case study, Microbial Pie, or What Did You Feed the Neighbors?

First, Download the case study.

Second, Work through the case, answering all questions.

Submit all lab reports, case study answers, and pictures of models to Moodle.

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