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MKT 441 Week 5 Final Exam/MKT 441 Week 5 Final Exam

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1. A marketing research firm is discussing the possibility of a major project for a real estate company.  The research firm has already conducted extensive exploratory research for the project and has been compensated.  For the subsequent survey, the top managers in the real estate firm cannot agree on exactly what the specific research objectives should be.  What should the marketing research firm do?

a. decline the project

b. conduct more exploratory research

c. tell the top managers what the research objectives should be and do the project

d. agree to do the subsequent project for a lower cost

e. none of the above

2. In establishing the need for marketing research, which of the following would serve as a good decision rule for managers?

a. ensuring that competitors are using marketing research, therefore a company considering marketing research would not be at a competitive disadvantage

b. determining the value to be derived from marketing research

c. determining the cost of conducting marketing research

d. weighing the value derived from the marketing research with the cost of obtaining the marketing research information

e. ensuring that subordinates are in favor of conducting the marketing research

3. Which of the following statements is not true?

a. The Internet is rapidly replacing libraries and other printed materials once used in marketing research

b. The Internet facilitates the distribution of research proposals

c. The Internet facilitates collaboration between supplier and client

d. The publishing and distribution of research reports is facilitated by the Internet

e. none of the above

4. Which of the following represents an application of secondary data?

a. predicting broad changes in culture

b. selecting a street location for a new carwash

c. economic trends forecasting

d. corporate intelligence

e. All of the above are applications of secondary data.

5. Which type of research may begin with, say, exploratory research, and then go on to conduct a full-scale, representative survey?

qualitative research

quantitative research

pluralistic research

focus group research

representative research

6. The percentage of total variation in the dependent variable that is described by the independent variable is expressed by_________.

a. coefficient of determination

b. correlation coefficient

c. coefficient of covariation

d. regression coefficient

e. none of the above

7. The scaling that permits most sophisticated statistical analysis is

nominal scaling

ordinal scaling

interval scaling

ratio scaling

8. When a market research supplier subcontracts out data collection activities to another firm, they are using what kind of a company?

a. Data analysis

b. Field service

c. Quality control

d. Target marketing

e. None of the above

9. It would be unethical for a potential client to steal a marketing research supplier’s:

a. methodology

b. survey instrument

c. sample

d. proprietary data analysis techniques

e. all of the above

10. The Bayesian approach to decision making

a. assigns probabilities to each state of nature based on relative frequency probabilities

b. uses personal probabilities reflecting the decision maker’s confidence in the truth of a specific proposition

c. is based on the principle of insufficient reason

d. assumes complete ignorance about the true state of nature

11. The best way to improve the response rate of mail interviews is to

a. offer an incentive

b. pre-notify people of the survey

c. use colored questionnaires

d. use first class mail

none of the above

12. Which of the following is not true about the research process?

a. It is a systematic, planned approach.

b. It ensures that the stages of the research project will be independent of each other.

c. It guides the project from conception to the final analysis and presentation of results.

d. It creates a consistency between the research design and the research purpose.

e. All of these are true.

13. Which of the following is not a characteristic of secondary data?

a. observation data collected for the project at hand

b. might be relevant to the problem at hand

c. gathered previously for another purpose

d. (b) and (c)

e. all are characteristic of secondary data

14. Validity of online surveys depends on

a. Sample selection

b. Survey design

c. Response tendencies

d. Technology challenges.

e. All of the above

15. One of the nonprobability methods used for sampling is:

a. cluster sampling

b. systematic sampling

c. convenience sampling

d. stratified sampling

e. simple random sample

16. This type of chart is the simplest form of chart and is useful for presenting a measurement taken at several points over time.

a. line chart

b. bar chart

c. pie chart

d. (b) and (c) are equally useful

e. all are equally useful

17. In a beer consumption study, a researcher makes an assumption that males will consume more beer per week than females; this can be stated in a:

a. research objective

b. given level of significance

c. hypothesis

d. theory

e. rule

18. Target marketing most closely identifies with which of the following orientations?

a. production orientation

b. systems orientation

c. goal orientation

d. consumer orientation

e. all are part of the requirements for adopting the marketing concept

19. Which of the following is NOT a way marketing research is used by corporate marketing departments to support the marketing decision-making process?

a. To evaluate the ongoing success of operational marketing strategies.

b. To identify new target markets.

c. To measure the quality of customer service and level of satisfaction.

d. To assess changes in the internal environment.

e. All of the above are used to support the marketing decision-making process.

20. Large amounts of money, time, and effort are wasted because requests for marketing information were poorly formulated.  The preceding could have been avoided if the researcher had

a. found out exactly why the information was being sought

b. stated their objectives more clearly

c. recognize the opportunity

d. determine whether the information already exists

e. all of the above

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