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M3A1 Marketing Plan: 4 Ps/7 Ps and PLC

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Explain the ways each of the 4 Ps/7 Ps you studied in this module are affecting your product or service.

1. Identify your product or service.

2. Provide at least two reasons why your product or service example exhibits effective or ineffective influences of the 4 Ps/7 Ps.

3. If the marketing mix has an effective influence on your product or service, explain why it should continue with the current marketing mix, or if it should adjust and why.

4. If the marketing mix has an ineffective influence on your product or service, provide at least two recommendations to make it effective.

5. Justify your response with critical thinking and application of course material.

Consider the PLC of your product or service:

1. Identify its current PLC stage.

2. Include at least two explanations of why it is in that stage.

3. Include at least two recommendations for the product or service to advance to the next stage.

4. If the product or service is declining, should it be saved (extension strategy) or should it be allowed to die out? Why or why not?

5. Apply critical thinking to justify your analysis of the product or service and its PLC.

Things to Remember!

  • The template itself will not be in APA format, but a professional document.
  • Use the formatting of the template you found in Module 2 that has been approved by your instructor.

M3A1 Marketing Plan: 4 Ps/7 Ps and PLC
COFEE SHOP 6 M2A2 Marketing Plan: Find Your Marketing Template Product/Service: COFEE SHOP Student’s Name BUS 351 – Marketing Concepts and Application Student’s Address Student’s Telephone Number Student’s Email Address Instructor’s Name Table of Contents Executive Summary 3 Product/Service 4 Purpose 4 Audience 4 Product Life Cycle 4 Marketing Environment 4 Competitive Forces 4 Economic Forces 4 Political Forces 4 Legal Forces 4 Technological Forces 4 Sociocultural Forces 4 Marketing Objectives 4 Marketing Management 4 Marketing Mix (4 Ps) / (7 Ps) 4 Product 4 Price 4 Place 4 Promotion 4 Marketing Segmentation 4 Target Market 1 4 Target Market 2 4 SWOT Analysis 4 Strengths 4 Weaknesses 4 Opportunities 4 Threats 4 Competitor Analysis 4 Advertising Strategy 4 Budget 4 References 4 TRINTEX COFFEE PRODUCTION Executive Summary This is a new company that deals with the sale of coffee products and sandwiches for breakfast in the morning. This paper is portrays the marketing plan that aims at promoting the sale of coffee at Trintex coffee company (De Pelsmacker, Driesen & Rayp, 2015). PRODUCT/SERVICE The product for sale in this case is the sale of coffee products. The varieties of coffee products including hot and cold drinks and chocolate is combine with snacks and sandwiches for sale especially in the morning. PRODUCT LIFE CYCLE Coffee products are known to be bought in the morning and in the evening of every day. Hence sale of coffee is continuous and the business will continue for a long time in the market. However new coffee brands have to be introduced to keep the pace for competency and competition with the various coffees selling companies (De Pelsmacker, Driesen & Rayp, 2015). AUDIENCE The target market is big for coffee shop. Mostly workers in the morning hours take coffee products before going to work. This includes professional workers and other workers working in various fields. PRICE The price of a coffee mug goes for $5. Black coffee is sold at $7 while chocolate will sell at $ 9. The snacks will be sold depending on the quality and size but the price will be ranging from $5 to $15. BUSINESS AND LEGAL SYSTEM INSTRUCTION This includes the legal rules surrounding the business. Various legal terms set by the government must be identified and kept to avoid causing conflict. Moreover, internal business rules and ethical codes must be developed to regulate employee behavior. MARKETING OBJECTIVES The aim of this plan is to develop a good business plan that will oversee the development and launching of the coffee business. We are dedicated to create a promotional strategy that will enable the sale of coffee products (De Pelsmacker, Driesen & Rayp, 2015). References: De Pelsmacker, P., Driesen, L., & Rayp, G. (2015). Do consumers care about ethics? Willingness to pay for fair‐trade coffee. Journal of consumer affairs, 39(2), 363-385. Cohen, W. A. (2014). The marketing plan. John Wiley & Sons.

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