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comments on strategy brief

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This is an existing paper that need to be fix according to the comments I recieved from instructor.

use the same paper just fix it as directed

the original assignment link :

see the paper in attachements and fix it please .

The comments :

  • Provide details of the smart objective and the overall strategy .

    please just use the same file and fix it as directed above


comments on strategy brief
Baraah Arab IMD130writing for Multimedia Professor Diana Hill 4/15/2017 Strategy Brief Situation “Internet Kiosk” is a project that involves a highly-specialized software and hardware computer terminal aimed at providing access to information and applications in commerce, entertainment, education as well in communication. The project was initiated in order to help in improving customer care in retail catering services. The stakeholders involve the consumers that can be able to carry out a wide range of operations at ago from the various shop catalogues Target Audience The project is mainly being completed especially for those clients with web-based needs such as web designing, and it also has search engines for customers who want to acquaint themselves with information about a particular company or product. These consumers will have several options of selecting their goods from the Out-doors, Home-goods and Auto-cards and placing their orders effectively based on their selections. Objectives The main objective of Internet Kiosk Project is to provide the communities with a greater ability of accessing the internet, enjoy their shopping through a wide variety of products and Share the experiences of the internet comfortably from their respective places. The project will constantly keep on building on its mission in order to ensure that, everything that is done from the structure of pricing the products and services to the ambiance that will be created will be created with the mission in mind. Strategy The design and content of the project will meet the needs of the audience being targeted by granting clients their wishes. The project will accomplish the web related tasks in an effective and efficient way. It will function for 24 hours in seven days so that to ensure that clients gain the freedom of access to the facility at the convenience of their time. In addition, the touch screen monitor allows customers to save their time because on a single touch you can access the information. Tactics The project will have a unique graphical interface that will be used in providing its browsing services to clients. Even when not in use, the device monitor will be able to run attractive messages that are appealing that constantly ensure that customers are informed and are on their toes. Further, it will be equipped with a touch screen monitor and payment devices such the payment chip and also a feedback services for an efficient response to the various needs of the customers.

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