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Vahala Sexual and Asexual Reproduction? Worksheet

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Ch. 27 Reproduction

Ch. 9 Inheritance

Please put your answers in RED or another color


Define Asexual reproduction:

Define Sexual reproduction:

What are the gametes for males and females?

Define Hermaphroditism:

What are the two types of fertilization, and which type of fertilization do human exhibit?

Human Reproduction

Using the following image, label:

Ovaries, oviducts, uterus, vagina, cervix

Using the following image, label:

Testes, epididymis, seminal vesicle, prostate gland, bulbourethral gland

Formation of gametes:

Where does spermatogenesis occur?

How many sperm cells are produced each meiosis division?

Where does oogenesis occur?

How many egg cells are produced each meiosis division?


1. Complete a cross between a parent with genotype BB and a parent with genotype Bb

a) Genotypes of potential offspring:

b) If B is for black hair, b is for blonde hair, and B is incompletely dominant, what are the phenotypes of the potential offspring?

2. Your maternal grandfather is color blind (an X chromosome linked disorder). Your mother nor father is not color blind, but your brother is. Complete a Punnett Square to find the likelihood of the offspring being color blind.

a) Genotypes of possible offspring:

b) What percentage of male offspring would be color blind? Percentage of female offspring?

3. Complete a dihybrid cross for parents’ genotypes GgHh x GgHh

  • Remember that you must pair up the alleles of the gametes first!

a) How many offspring will have a dominant phenotype if both G and H show complete dominance?

b) How many offspring will have a completely recessive genotype?

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