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Rasmussen College Global Health Awareness Campaign Paper

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  • Explain foundations of global health.
  • Analyze the incidence, distribution, and control of emerging healthcare concerns in global populations.
  • Evaluate the impact of global disease surveillance processes among global populations.
  • Integrate social determinants, ethical concerns, and human rights for high-risk and vulnerable global populations.
  • Critique access to global healthcare.
  • Prioritize epidemiological interventions among global populations.


You are working as a nurse consultant for the World Health Organization (WHO). You are asked to create an action plan for an awareness campaign surrounding a major global health issue.

Suggestive Global Issue: HIV


Create an action plan for your awareness campaign. Sections of the plan should include:

  • Specific and accurate description of the background and significance of healthcare concern (including incidence and distribution)
  • Objectives of the campaign are detailed and clearly stated. (include at least three)
  • Target audience (including considerations of social determinants, ethical concerns, and human rights) is accurate and described in detail.
  • Methods for implementation (materials, communication tools, activities, etc.) are accurate and described in detail.
  • Information to convey (key messages), including a campaign slogan
  • Evaluation strategy is described in detail.
  • Timeline for the campaign is described in detail.

Information should be supported by evidence from professional sources, published within the past five years.

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