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Narrative summary of diet and wellness report.

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After you analyzed a 3-day diet (food & fluid) and activity record in part 1, you will now summarize your findings:

  • Part 2: A narrative summary of your Diet and Wellness PLUS Combination Report. This will include a written comparison of Intake vs. Goals, DRIs, Macronutrient Ranges, Fat Breakdown, Source Analysis, MyPlate Analysis, Intake Pattern and Exchange Lists in essay format. If you want to make an assessment of your functional foods and nutraceutical consumption, you are welcome to do it in this section. Please use APA-format paragraph headings!

Part 2 should be submitted as soon as you completed it. Use a Word-processing program, and follow APA-format guidelines (including a title page, header and page number, reference page, 12-font, double spaced; NO abstract required!!). Please upload your “word.doc(x)” fileas “[your-lastname, firstname_DATP_p2]”.

Please also upload your TP#1 (3-day DWP Combination Report), so I can refer to it if needed.

Grading Criteria:

    • Part 2: 40 points for the written summary of your (approved) 3-day diet analysis report, which shall compare all pertinent macronutrient and micronutrient intakes(carbohydrate, protein, fat, sugar, fiber, cholesterol, trans fatty acids, PUFA, omega-3, omega-6, MUFA, SFA; vitamins and minerals), as well as calorie and fluid intake with dietary guidelines, including the DRIs and MyPlate Analysis. You may also want to comment on your food intake pattern (e.g., only eating main 2 meals/d, or significant night-time snacking) and physical activity in this section. Evaluation of your nutraceutical consumption (phyto- and zoochemical containing foods) is optional and may provide extra points (2-4 points).
      • 3 points will be deducted for each missing macronutrient and micronutrient intake comparison, or any of the MyPlate Analysis, exchange lists, etc.
      • up to 15 points will be deducted for poorly written summaries (e.g., typos, grammatical errors, incomplete sentences, etc.).
      • up to 30 points will be deducted for inaccurate content, inadequate and incorrect data interpretation (e.g., a student writes that his or her fiber intake was 25g/day whereas the ‘approved Combination Report’ shows an intake of 16.62g/day, which is only 65% of the recommended intake for adult females).
      • 15 points will be deducted for poorly formatted summaries (e.g., missing headings), and neglecting APA-guidelines (please, see above).
      • 10 points will be deducted for NOT uploading your DWP combination report that you used to write TP#2.
      • Please don’t forget: Although your Combination Report might not spell it out, but our textbook states “One more key recommendation of the 2015 Dietary Guidelines is to consume less than 10 percent of calories per day from added sugars.” (McGuire, 2016; p.95) [McGuire, Michelle. NUTR, 2nd Edition. Cengage Learning, 20160711]; If you ‘forget’, 3 points will be deducted.

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