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West Coast University Week 8 Ethics in Research Discussion

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Discussion Prompt 1: Open the website and click on “Play Full Video.” Watch the full simulation from each person’s perspective.

  • What is your biggest take away from this interactive video and the course as a whole about healthcare research?
    • Do you think that ethics in research is a clear-cut issue?
    • How have you ensured or will ensure that your research is conducted in an ethical manner?
    • What potential challenges might you face?
  • Respond to at least two of your classmates’ or instructor’s posts. What type of support do you think you can provide to one another professionally after completing this program? How can you collaborate in the future? What opportunities can you share with one another? Remember what you learned about coauthoring published works and consider inviting your peers to join in your future research!

Discussion Prompt 2: Select one of the peer-reviewed articles you have read in this course. Discuss how this article has affected your perspective regarding how statistics can help inform public health policies and practices. Please include the reference to the article so others can read it.

Discussion Prompt 3: Which specific topics or activities covered in this class will be potentially useful to you in your current or future position? Did your perceptions about statistics change from the beginning of this course to now? Explain your answer.

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