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Appendix A: Template for Asking Clinical Questions, assignment help

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Review the “General Appraisal Overview for All
Studies,” available in Appendix B in the textbook. You should save this
tool and use it throughout the development of the PICOT question, problem
description, and literature review.

Begin the development of your PICOT question, using the
following resources:

1.”Appendix A: Template for Asking Clinical Questions,”
available in the textbook appendix

2. Text readings

Formulate your PICOT question and post it to the main forum.
Respond to at least four other statements, providing feedback. Review the
statements to see if the clinical issue is clearly defined and that all aspects
are identified. Also refer to the “PICOT: Components of an Answerable,
Searchable Question” table, located in chapter 2 of the text. If one PICOT
statement has at least three feedback posts, move to another statement.

You will be using the feedback to make revisions to your
PICOT question before using it in your “Section B: Problem
Description” assignment. Defend your rationale with references.

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