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​Stakeholder Engagement Plan – Part 1

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Stakeholder Engagement Plan – Part 1

This week, you will begin developing your Stakeholder Engagement Plan using the following resources:

  • Stakeholder Engagement Plan Template
  • Article: “Lessons Learned from Managing the Design of the ‘Water Cube’ National Swimming Centre for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games”

Use the Water Cube project article as the context for this Assignment and the Stakeholder Engagement Plan Template as your guide. Complete Section A of your Stakeholder Engagement Plan. The requirements for the content and length of each section are provided in the template. For this assignment, address the following for the Water Cube project:

  • Describe the purpose of a stakeholder management strategy.
  • Describe the methods that will be used to identify project stakeholders.
  • Describe the methods that will be used to determine stakeholder communications requirements.


Project Management Institute. (2017). A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide). Sixth edition. Newtown Square, PA: Author.

Chapter 13, “Project Stakeholder Management”

Section 13.3, “Manage Stakeholder Engagement”

Zou, P. X. W., & Leslie-Carter, R. (2010). Lessons learned from managing the design of the ‘Water Cube’ National Swimming Centre for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. Architectural Engineering and Design Management, 6(3), 175–188.

Stakeholder Engagement Plan Template

The Plan will include the following information:Project stakeholders Identification of those stakeholders considered in the preparation of the plan Stakeholder analysis Mapping where stakeholders are currently located in relation to their contribution to, and participation in, the project Stakeholder transition Identifying where stakeholders are not considered to be located the most appropriate position (within the contribution / participation map) and would ideally be transitioned to another position. Stakeholder management Defining the actions needed to maintain or change the position of the stakeholders within the map Plan review Setting out the process used to judge whether or not the engagement actions have been, or are likely to be successful, and whether any refinement of this plan is required

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