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Research paper history and Assignment

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Research Paper Guidlines

1000-1300 words Double Spaced (

you could write more if you would like

MLA Format is required

No more than four online sources (must be from a .org, .edu, .gov to be accepted,

with the exception of e-books and academic articles/journals). Other

websites/domains will be considered on a case by case basis.

Minimum of three primary and three secondary sources (6 Total)

Must have a works cited page at the end

Important info to keep in mind as you write:

If you are quoting someone, or a passage from a book, please keep your

quotes/passages to no more than 3 sentences each time you do this. I would like to

see the originality in your work in addition to your own analysis of working with

both primary and secondary sources.

There may be a link to detect plagiarism

Please do not include images or pictures in the body of the paragraph. If you want

to include them, please attach them at the end of the document/paper.

so the research complete the another file already you have the files (you work on it before).


assignment will require you visiting The Museum of Man in

Balboa Park. Visiting the museum should give you the opportunity to visit and explore

some interesting exhibitions such as Race, and Kumeyaay: Native Californians. Maybe

these exhibitions connect in some way to what we have been discussing over the past

weeks. Do you find any of these works/exhibitions particularly interesting? Why, or why

not? How does the museum exhibit race, who we are, where we come from, and where

do we get our understanding of race from (origins). What about the Kumeyaay,

Californian Natives?

Please submit a

400-500 word write-up

(12 font/double spaced) based on your

visit to the museum. Do not hesitate to include your own perspective/opinions on what

you see. What you liked, or did not like. What historical information could we gather

from these exhibitions. Please include specific information pertaining to what is on view.

Every Question different file not both …

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