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Your Key Assignment draft that is due this week will be an APA-style paper of 2,800–3,600 words, including all Individual Project topics from Weeks 1–4.

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Chosen Theme: Under Armour

Compile, refine, and revise the work you have completed in Weeks 1–3, as follows:

  1. Organizational Change (700–900 words)
    • Pick 2 of the 4 paradigms, and discuss their early historical significance to the field of organizational change.
    • Note: For your Key Assignment draft, also discuss the other 2 historical paradigms that you did not choose in Week 1.
  2. Strategic Management (700–900 words)
    • Using the 4 steps that are used in strategic management change, identify a change (strategic, structural, or people-centered) that has occurred in your organization, detailing its progression through the 4 steps of strategic management change, as follows:
      1. Environmental scanning
      2. Strategy formulation
      3. Strategy implementation
      4. Strategy evaluation
  3. Zone of Proximal Development (700–900 words)
    • Explain how the zone of proximal development (ZPD) can be used in training within your chosen organization.
      • Use specific examples from the job titles within your organization of choice.
    • Explain how the ZPD concept can be used to improve coworkers’ relationships within your chosen organization.
      • Provide a 3-step plan for implementing the ZPD for coworker development.

Part 2: New section for Week 4

This week, you will continue the analysis and research on your organization by focusing on group productivity and performance. Include the following new section as part of your Key Assignment Draft:

  1. Group Productivity and Performance (700–900 words)
    • Research and define each of the 3 following group productivity and performance theories:
      • Social facilitation theory
      • Loafing theory
      • Integrated theory
    • How does each one relate to the social identity theory?
    • How does each one impact learning and change within your chosen organization?

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