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Dark Side of Happiness

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Watch the talk

The Dark Side of Happiness: June Gruber at TEDxCambridge 2011 (Links to an external site.)The Dark Side of Happiness: June Gruber at TEDxCambridge 2011

and another one with the same title

The Dark Side of Happiness | Meik Wiking | TEDxCopenhagen

Explain what kind of meaning does the term “dark side of happiness” have in each talk? How are they similar and/or different?

What information struck you? Why?

How has your existing knowledge on happiness changed?

What is the importance of research the authors are pitching?

When thinking of the rhetorical features of the presentations, what “cool moves” could you pick up and try to mimic in your own talk? How do these moves make the presentation interesting and exciting for the audience?

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