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history reflection paper

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Essay Prompt: Show me your understanding and ability to evaluate historical events. Select two significant historical events that we have studied this semester that best exemplify the “best” and “worst” of America with respect to our struggle for democracy. Using them, illustrate how each event has helped shape our contemporary society. You must compare and contrast at least two different groups in your analysis (i.e. racial and minority groups, women, class, etc.)

Please use these events:

-worst: Executive Order 9066 (Screenshot uploaded from the book: Greenberg, Edward S., and Benjamin I. Page, The Struggle for Democracy, 11h Edition, Longman Publishers, 2014); Chinese Exclusion Act

-best: New Deal 1935 (book source: Jones, Jacqueline, et. al., Created Equal: A Social and Political History of the United States, 4th Edition Longman Publishers, 2014…)

-Please cite the book if you used it.

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