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Contemporary China history paper

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Two essays together:

1:Explain the dynamics between Chinese government and popular nationalism in the Post-Tiananmen era. Use examples from the material to illustrate opinions.

2.Your are chatting with a friend, he said China is an authoritarian state, the party state exercise absolute control over society and does not allow any expressions of public opinion. “Do you agree? Or do you see a more commplex and nuanced picture when it comes to the relationship between the Chinese government and the Chinese public? Please use examples to illustrate your points.

Required to cite at least 4 times of those books provided bellow. In both essays!!!!

Please use examples from these books to illustrate both questions, for example,(Osnos, 177). sorry no attached file provided.

Evan Osnos, Age of Ambition

Qiu Xiaolong, Death of a Red Heroine

Yu Hua, China in Ten Words

Yongnian Zheng, Contemporary China: a History since 1978

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