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We use what we know about Earth to prove or disprove our theories of other planets.

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We use what we know about Earth—its structure, atmosphere,
geologic activities, and processes—to prove or disprove our theories of other
planets. Describe one such example of our use of Earth analogs to determine the
circumstances elsewhere, and explain how it might influence our explorations in
the future.

I only need a solid paragraph (example):

The ability to identify volcanic features on Earth allowed us to begin to identify volcanic features on other planets and moons, once we began viewing planets and moons with telescopes. Aerial photography and satellite imagery have allowed us to identify and describe these features from the air and from space. Once we were able to identify these features from above the ground on Earth, we were able to recognize the features we observed from spacecraft. We now can recognize volcanic features when we observe them on imagery from other planets and moons.

An example of this is the discovery of volcanism on Io. We first observed what appeared to be volcanic features on Io in 1979 from images taken by Voyager 1 (Figure 1 NASA,1996). The image shows a volcanic plume rising above the curve of Titan. This was an exciting discovery because this was the first evidence of active volcanism that we discovered on another planet or moon. This volcano is now named Loki. Your instructor examined volcanism on Io as part of her Master’s thesis.

Figure 1 Volcanic plume discovered on Io in 1979 (NASA, 1996).


NASA. 1996. Io volcanic plume. Image taken 1979. Retrieved from

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