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Using 5 articles below and the research question and gap below.

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All 5 articles are on research 5 articles below and the research question and gap below construct a literature review and research design. First article:Corrigan, P. W., & Penn, D. L. (2015). Lessons from social psychology on discrediting psychiatric stigma. Stigma And Health Research Gate.NET. Second article: Monforton, J., Vickers, K., & Antony, M. M. (2012). “If only I didn’t embarrass. Heres the link to the second article .… Third article: Khalifeh, H., Brauer, R., Toulmin, H., & Howard, L. M. (2015). Perinatal mental health: What every neonatologist should know.Link to article( 4th article: Hennegan, J. M., Henderson, J., & Redshaw, M. (2018). Is partners’ mental health and well-being affected by holding the baby after stillbirth? Mothers’ accounts from a national survey. 5th article: Skibniewski-Woods, D. (2017). Mothering with a major mental illness. Research Gate is where all these are found.

Next the Gap I found and please keep gap same, but reword it some. For example, clarify the gap some and be more exploratory with the gap. So reword if you want but keep mostly the same. Next the research design is below and feel free to do same with it as gap.

GAP: It’s important to try to not only reduce stigma but get rid of it completely. For instance, are there possibilities for eliminating stigma against mental disorders?

Research Question

If people with mental illness were helped early would it eliminate stigma completely or just reduce stigma?

Also use a experimental design. Participants etc. Only 6 pages all APA format. All original work and maybe 1 in text cite or two.

Elements must be addressed: Summarize the claims made by the authors of foundational research for exactly how the particular field of social psychology has become different overtime and how issues of ethics have been addressed historically in the particular field. So summarize the claims made by the authors of the particular foundational research regarding how social context factors influence our human behavior. Summarize the claims made by the authors how social motives influence human behavior. Explain the particular view social context factors and next explain social motives have evolved over time. Add examples to support claim. Add in some conclusions reached about research in social psychology. For example what do we know about social motives and social context factors. Describe the particular research design used in foundational research to address the particular research question. What specific methods used and also even the research design used. How did authors used the research designs to conduct research. For example, how did they use the particular design to conduct research in social psychology. How were issues of ethics were possibly addressed in foundational research. Like for example, how did the authors account for risks with participants. Next how have issues of ethics have been viewed historically. For example, how has it been viewed and even has it changed. Use some examples to support. Next the research design: Use what I have, but change it a bit. Identify gap in social psychology. Develop basic research question and use what I sent just change it a bit. Next explain how to account for possible issues of ethics. Support analysis with examples. Lastly, How were the approach to accounting for issues of ethics informed from the review of the research presented. For example, what was learned from research presented. In particular, how to address issues of ethics you added in your own personal research design.

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