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Please consider the following scenario:

You are in a southern state,
rural county, or traditional culture tremendously behind the rest of the
country and extremely economically depressed. The Sheriff’s Office has
three female deputies out of 100. All three female deputies work in
administrative positions; none work in patrol, in the jail, in the
courtroom, as detectives, etc. The Sheriff’s Office does not have a
crime scene unit or a dedicated individual who is trained in crime scene
investigation. No one attends continuing education training in crime
scene investigation. There is no modern equipment available that was
purchased by the Sheriff’s Office for use by the officers for crime
scenes and the Sheriff does not choose to call upon the State Bureau for
assistance under any circumstances.

You want to be a crime scene
investigator and to be the best crime scene investigator you can be
because your sincere desire is to serve the People. You are hired as a
rookie by the Sheriff’s Office with promises of being a crime scene

Please respond to the following prompt:

  • How might the internal politics of this Sheriff’s Office affect your chosen career path?
  • 1 page essay

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