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information system management exam

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1. AOne Inc. is manufacturing company which operates in the automotive sector. The company has recently implemented SAP’s ERP system. What could be the short-term and long-term effects of this on AOne’s bottom line? Explain with proper justification. (10 points)

2. How can you increase your social capital via YouTube? Explain with examples. (10 points)

3. Identify 4 industries that will be affected by Machine Learning and describe the impact on those industries. Address the immediate impacts and address how it impacts the system as a whole. (10 points)

4. Why does the problem of Information Silos exist in organizations? Has it gotten better or worse over the years? What is the solution? Justify. (10 points)

5. Has the emergence of IoT made us more or less vulnerable to security threats? Explain with examples? (10 points)

6. ABC Inc. is a business process outsourcing company that handles customer support services for various large businesses. ABC has an in-house software development team that is building a custom CRM system.

(a) You have been asked to weigh in on whether to use SDLC or Agile. Explain what your suggestions to the development team would be and justify.

(b) John Doe, who is a Customer Service Supervisor, has been asked to be part of the CRM software development team and attend some of their meetings. John is surprised since he has no experience with software development. What could John’s role be in this software development project? (15 points)

7. You have been hired by a large warehouse store (eg: Sam’s Club) and have been given the responsibility to increase sales and customer satisfaction. Describe how you would use Big Data applications and Data Mining applications to achieve your objective. Be specific and use examples when you describe how you would use these two applications. (15 points)

8. Describe how IS and Social Media have improved the quality of life for the socially disadvantaged or/and economically weaker sections of society (both in the US and other countries). Be specific and include examples.(15 points)

9. You are a MIS professional who has been hired by a manufacturing company. You have been asked to conceptualize a Knowledge Management System for the company. Describe your thoughts/ideas for such a system. Describe the tools / applications that you would use and their intended benefits. (15 points)

10. You have recently become aware of people who have made money by posting videos on YouTube. You are tempted to do the same to supplement your income. You have a video recording of a popular TV show and you upload it on YouTube and expect to make money. Is that how you monetize the video you uploaded? Is there a problem here? What should you do to monetize a video posted on YouTube? (15 points)

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