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Graduate research for a Law Student.

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Graduation research for law graduates with a bachelor’s degree.

I want someone who specializes in writing and understands the law, and if he reads Arabic, then he is better, or someone who understands the Islamic religion.


Last week, when I presented the research proposal, the doctor did not like it and said it t is very broad and common, so I do not know what legal issue in KSA should I discuss? So you must find me a legal problem in Saudi Arabia that is not common and broad

step 2:

It must contain 7000 words. From the ninth point in the PDF, the words will be counted.

From the second page the Roman numbering begins to the eighth page. From the ninth page, the normal numbering begins.

step3: I want a part of homework next Friday.

topic: Over reliance on religious doctrine as a foundation of law and criminal punishment ” KSA, USA”

The legal problem is that Saudi Arabia does not have a codified criminal law, and the criminal law is based upon Sharia law which sometimes some people get away with criminal acts, so there are some loopholes that lead to the failure to apply the appropriate punishment to the criminal, such as the killer’s reliance on blood money for premeditated murder. The family of the murdered also began to trade blood money and put in large sums of money. Another example is honor killing a killer may be sentenced to a reduced punishment due to anger. In other countries, criminal law is not integrated with religious conventions. This is not the case in Saudi Arabia, where criminal laws are either based on the Quran and Sunnah or cannot contradict the tenets found in these texts. my research will seek to compare the criminal law and procedures of Saudi Arabia and a Western country like the United States to see which system offers a fairer and more reasonable criminal law procedure and criminal punishment. A shift towards a separation between law and religion could benefit the Saudi legal system in the long run.-

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