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Discussion 1

Please read “Intellectual disability:
( Matthew’s
story.” Discuss what it means to have an intellectual disability and
how this might impact Matthew’s overall education. Then, based on his
interests and needs, discuss the supplementary supports and services
that could be integrated into his IEP to support his success in school.
Further, discuss specific ways in which interagency collaboration and
community-based instruction could support Matthew in achieving his goals
and dreams beyond high school. If applicable, share any personal or
professional experiences you have had with working with students with an
intellectual disability.

Discussion 2

Consider the characteristics of an individual with physical
disabilities. Choose one physical disability area you are interested in
learning more about (e.g. spina bifida or cerebral palsy) to elaborate
on. How might the characteristics of your chosen disorder affect
development and learning? What accommodations could an educator make to
address the needs of a student with a physical disability? What related
services might support the needs of a student with this disability?
What assistive technology tools or devices might provide greater access
and independence for students?

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