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2 forum posts 1 500-750 words 2 500 words with works cited criminal justice

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Forum post 1:

500-750 Words with works cited

1.What do you think should be top priority for the Department of Justice and why? What are the efforts right now that are implemented and can they be improved in some way?

2.How does the role of the internet truly exacerbate the problem of child pornography?

Instructions: Each response should be between 500-750 words.A minimum of two peer reviewed references need to be used in the development of your answer. You also need to provide a minimum of two (2) feedback posts to your peers. Each feedback post needs to be 300 words or more, and should include information that helps to enhance the discussion on the topic. Include at least 1 properly cited peer reviewed reference. Also, be mindful of including references and citations whenever citing facts to support your position. APA 6th edition citations and references must be used always!

500 word forum post 2 with works cited:

One of the most important roles of a paralegal is to keep the attorneys organized. This is no less important than at trial. In this week’s readings, you have been introduced to preparing for trial, the trial itself and then post trial requirements (and the things that have to happen in trial to prepare for post trial work).

I want to you explain how you would prepare the “trial notebook.” What should be included? Why? I think it is also important for you to explain – briefly, what the post trial requirements are. Which of these do you think are the most important to be prepared to handle. I also want you to be able to challenge your classmates as to their assertions – why do you think your position is the stronger one?

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