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The Policy Process: Formulation, Legislation and Implementation, health and medicine homework help

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Policies are constantly being reviewed and considered to help improve the federal, state, or local health care systems. Each one has the potential to affect each of us on a daily basis, so careful consideration must be given when policies are proposed. It is important to understand the process of how a topic eventually becomes a policy.

Choose a health care topic for which a policy might be formed. Mental Health

*Note: be sure to look ahead and choose a policy topic that will be suitable for the second part of this assignment as well, due in Week Four.

Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper on the complete process of how your chosen topic becomes a policy. In your paper, include the following information:

  • State the objective of the policy.
  • Define Formulation stage:
  • Explain the process to formulate your policy and the involvement of stakeholders. 
    • Define Legislative stage:
    • Explain the legislative body’s approval process needed to gain support (ie funding) for the policy and how stakeholders influence legislators’ decisions.
      • Define Implementation stage:
      • Identify the accountable parties and their roles in the various implementation stages of your policy.


Be sure to integrate your topic into each stage of the process, in addition to defining the process. If your topic is not included, you will lose points. Be as specific as possible when discussing the different stages. Some questions to guide you, include:

1.  Formulation – What specific data and information would be collected on your topic? What specific stakeholders would be involved in the process?

2. Legislation – What actual committees would your policy be assigned to? What specific stakeholders would influence the legislative process and funding?

3. Implementation – What specific government agencies would be responsible for developing rules and regulations for the bill if passed?  What roles would stakeholders have in the implementation stages and who are they?

Cite a minimum of five references.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

Attached is the paper that was done last week

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