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project analysis

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Using the Excel data given in the attachment, finish Problem 1 and Problem 2 on the instruction.

For problem 1, you only need to evaluate the last project (Set up Time Reduction Project)

An independent evaluation of each of the four projects. Determine the largest net profit Hawkeye can make from each project. Also evaluate and compare the projects’ process metrics, i.e. maximum queue length, average wait time, and utilization of each step in the process. Discuss the tradeoffs (process metrics versus cost versus profits) and decide the best number for each project.

For problem 2, you need to rank ALL the projects, Rank the projects (the best, second best and so forth) . Take your top two projects and give your reasons why you consider them as your 2 best choices.

The document should be over a full page (not including name, only content), 1.5 spaced

Please read the rubric carefully.

Requirements: at least 1 full page, 1.5 spaced

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