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Instructional Concepts in Emergency Health Services — written assignment

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Hey , I do have a case study

You are the captain assigned to the training division for an average size metropolitan fire service. You have just been called to the training office and given the following assignment:

“Captain, we need to bring in a new group of instructors for the upcoming recruit class. We have 32 fire fighters and EMS providers eligible for the slots. I know not everyone will be interested, but because of the pay differential for instructors, I’m sure a fair number will apply. I need you to develop a criteria and check-off sheet for screening the candidates. After we apply this criteria, we can call in the successful candidates for an interview and practice teaching session. Have something on my desk by 1600 hrs. next Tuesday. And remember that the union and Human Resources will be reviewing each step of the process. You’ll have to justify each part of the criteria, so you might as well include that in the material you prepare. Understood? Any Questions?

“No sir, I’ll have the criteria for you next Tuesday.”

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