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BEH 311: W7 – Groups and Happiness​

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** Needs to be original, style of short answers (be specific) and mainly written with own words **

Assignment Detail:

Write a paper of 600 words that addresses the following four components:

o Describe the relationship between social loafing and additive tasks.

o Groupthink is a serious problem because it can influence people to make bad decisions. First, what is the psychological attribute of groups that is most heavily involved in groupthink? Provide a short description of groupthink, identifying the factors that give it its name. What is the second major factor in groupthink?

o How do physical attractiveness and other demographic characteristics impact jury decision-making?

o According to social psychologists, what are some of the benefits of being happy? How can high levels of happiness backfire?

Give examples and use APA formatting.

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