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Project Company Financial Analysis

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Financial Analysis (need three – five years of historical date)

A. Income Statement (last 5 years)

1. Focus on CAGR of Key Income Statement Components.

2. Total Revenue Growth.

3. Revenue Growth by Segment (if applicable).

4. COGS, SG&E, Total Operating Expenses.

B. Margins

1. Gross

2. Operating (or EBITDA)

3. Net

C. Earnings, Dividends, Free Cash Flow

1. EPS Analysis.

2. Dividend Policy

3. DPS Analysis

4. Dividend Yield

5. Retained Earnings per share Analysis.

6. Free Cash Flow

D. Liquidity Analysis.

a) Current Ratio.

b) Quick Ratio.

E. Capital Structure Analysis

a) Total $ Debt Book Value.

b) Debt/Total Capital.

c) Debt/Equity.

d) Annual Interest Expense.

3 |

P a g e

e) Debt Service Coverage Ratio.

f) Bond Rating.

g) Shares Authorized and Issued.

h) Book Value of Equity.

F. Three/Five Year

Pro Forma

Income Statement.

Company name ( AT&T)

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