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Twelfth Grade:Early British Literature, English homework help

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____ 1. After the Great Fire of London, King Charles II took personal charge of seeing London got back on its feet.

a. True

b. False

____ 2. “The Aims of The Spectator” has a purpose to

a. ask Addison’s audience to submit ideas for topics.

b. describe Addison’s philosophies about working.

c. explain Addison’s goal for the paper.

____ 3. The Slough of Despond’s allegorical significance in The Pilgrim’s Progress is

a. a representation of any difficulty in life.

b. a representation of the obstacles in the path to Christian salvation.

c. a representation of financial setbacks.

____ 4. What is the speaker in Sonnet XIX (“When I Consider How My Light Is Spent”) saying about his blindness?

a. He examines how he is going to overcome his blindness.

b. He examines how to do his work as a blind person.

c. He examines how to do bear the burden of his blindness.

____ 5. What is the main philosophical idea of “The Lamb”?

a. God is kind.

b. The earth is beautiful.

c. Life is a mystery.

____ 6. In “To His Coy Mistress,” the speaker is urging his love to move to the country with him.

a. True

b. False

____ 7. What is the speaker saying about himself in the lines from Sonnet VII (“How soon hath Time”)? “Perhaps my

semblance might deceive the truth, / That I to manhood am arrived so near

____ 9. Which of the following is an accurate statement about both Pepys’s Diary and Charles II’s “Declaration to

London, 1666″?

a. They were not intended to be read by the public.

b. They give readers a first-hand look at conditions in London in 1666.

c. They were written for publication.

____ 10. In The Pilgrim’s Progress, the Slough of Despond is ordered to be repaired.

a. True

____ 19. What does this excerpt from Pepys’s Diary reveal about his position in the community? “Church being

done, my Lord Bruncker, Sir J. Minnes, and I up to the vestry at the desire of the Justices of the Peace, Sir

Theo. Biddulph and Sir W. Boreman and Alderman Hooker, in order to the doing something for the keeping

of the plague from growing . . .”

a. He is one of the decision-makers and leaders of the community.

a. People should appreciate earthly love because it is all they can know.

b. Unlike physical love, spiritual love can withstand absence.

c. Love does not need divine approval.

____ 36. The main idea of __________ is found in the excerpt of An Essay on Man.

a. people are emotional when they should be logical

b. people are more like beasts than angels

c. people have many strengths and weaknesses

____ 37. In Paradise Lost, Satan wants to sabotage God’s plans by spreading evil.

a. True

a. the inhumanity of modern warfare

b. the inability of rulers to accept change

c. the wisdom of European rulers

____ 47. What is the speaker’s attitude in these final lines from Sir John Suckling’s “Song”? “If of herself she will not

love, / Nothing can make her: / The devil take her!”

a. confidence

b. frustration

c. sadness

____ 48. “When one man dies, one chapter is not torn out of the book, but translated into a better language” is a

quote from “Meditation 17.” What is meant by this quote?

a. Through our deaths, others learn how to live better lives.

b. When we die, we do not cease to exist but instead achieve eternal life.

c. The church records both the lives and deaths of its members.

____ 49. The mock epic characteristic of __________ is found in The Rape of the Lock.

a. a high-level style

b. a historic event

c. an accusatory tone

____ 50. “Lady, it is to be presumed, / Though art’s hid causes are not found / All is not sweet, all is not sound” from

“Still Be Neat” means

a. the woman has spent hours making herself beautiful.

b. perfect makeup and grooming cover flaws.

c. most women only take such care for special occasions.

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