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Reasons behind crime in Baltimore (2009-2013), abstract, introduction, literature review research help

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have a research study to discover what are the
reasons behind crime in the city of Baltimore, MD. This is a study
includes all Baltimore
neighborhoods from 2009-2013.

The main four variables “the independent variables”
are (Unemployment, Low Level of

Education, Low Level
of Wages, And Poverty) while the dependent variable is a crime.

Also, there are many
variables under each independent variable.

1)  Is there a
strong and positive relationship between crime and the level of unemployment in
the City of Baltimore?

Is there a strong and positive relationship
between crime and the low level of education in the City of Baltimore?

Is there a strong and positive relationship
between crime and the low level of wages in the City of Baltimore?

4)  Is there a
strong and positive relationship between crime rate and poverty the city of

 I want you to do the follows, so please follow
the below instructions and apply them all and do not forget any point. Also, if
you want to add more to the instructions
and anything can enhance the study you are

1)  I want you to write the Abstract, Introduction, and Literature Review for this

In the Abstract,
plz do not forget to write the importance and value of this research. You need
to prove that this research is very valuable, important, and urgent.

In the
introduction, plz do not forget to define each variable in this research and
how you think is connected to crime. The variables are
(Unemployment, Low Level of Education, Low Level of Wages, and Poverty). Also,
you need to tell me what this paper will be able to identify

Literature Review should include
scientific studies, scientific articles, case studies, statistical reports
& news, FBI clarifications. . Please focus more on the scientific studies. Try
to be academic and write as a researcher.

5)  Please be organized, make an introduction about what are you going
to talk about after that, explain each point directly and try to be specific, clear, and using basic English that
helps everybody to understand what you want to say.

6)  Write at least 25 pages single- spaced (Again 25 single-
space, 50 if double- spaced) You can also write more, but this is the minimum.

Please deliver a professional
paper because I will read it and then see if I approve it or not. I will read
deeply and carefully after you.

will you deliver to me is going to be presented.
I am going to present that to the class. That is why you need to be clear, specific, direct, using simple English words,
and organized and give me a professional
product. I also will submit the work. So please follow the instructions one be
one and do not miss any point here. Also,
make a summary conclusion after the main conclusion. The summary conclusion should summarize everything you did from A to Z in points.

I will release
payment only if I receive professional work and all instruction have been followed. Also, if the work is clean from
plagiarism or any integrity problem and I will check that.  I will also increase the amount paid if the
writer exceed my expectations.

10)   The work should be
delivering in 4 days. If you can submit it before this deadline, it would be better.

11)   Do not forget references,
citations and appendix.( separate pages)

12)   Do not forget the executive
summary page, and it is separate from above pages..
( For you to know, I will work on data and do statists and see the results) So
you know what you need to write in the executive summary.

Waiting for your professional product.


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