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Personal Beliefs

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The Influence of Personal Beliefs in Decision-Making and Judgment

This discussion assesses your ability to evaluate the influence of personal beliefs on judgments in special education professional practice. This assessment also supports your achievement of Course Learning Outcome 6 and 7 and the MASE Program Learning Outcomes 6 and 8.

Special education landmark court decisions have paved the way for 21st century learning. In addition, the theoretical framework for positive behavior management and instructional delivery is the bedrock for designing appropriate learning experiences for students with exceptionalities. As a classroom teacher prepared with this foundational knowledge, your teaching style; student and parent relationships; professional peer relationships; and professional judgment is influenced by your system of personal and professional beliefs. Contributing factors that have shaped your perspectives and ideologies can come from your own personal education experiences, cultural upbringing, and teaching preparation coursework.

Initial post: This discussion calls into question your personal beliefs as a result of the previous five weeks of coursework including the readings, websites, and interactions with your peers.

Give thought to your how this course is connected to the learning in the previous course you completed in this program, ESE601, what you have learned, the theoretical knowledge you’ve gained and its real-world application. Perhaps your own professional experiences to date can be a source of reflection for this discussion. Then, create an initial post that evaluates these influencing factors on the professional judgments you are making or will be making in special education professional practice. Comment on how your own personal beliefs have changed, if at all, through the experience of taking this course.

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