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Employment-Based and Individual Longevity Risk Management

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(1) What is the PBGC? Why is it an important agency?

(2) List ERISA requirements for qualified pension plans

(3) Difference between 401k, 403b, 457

(4) Why might an individual purchase a single premium annuity if he or she can just invest the money and live off the proceeds?

(5) Meg Cohen is about to turn sixty-five and retire from her job as a school librarian. When she retires, she will receive a lump-sum pension disbursement of $320,000. She plans to place the money in an annuity, but she is having trouble deciding among three different annuity options:

Option 1: fixed period annuity

Option 2: single life annuity

Option 3: refund annuity

What are the advantages and disadvantages of each option?

(6) Explain the differences among a fixed-dollar annuity, a variable annuity, and an indexed annuity.

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