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Culture, Not Race, Explains Human Diversity

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Introduction:Briefly (a few sentences) introduce me to what I am about to read, what the author’s topics is and point about the topic

The Body: Explain the subject matter the author is writing about; main points, perspective, use examples from the article to explain the author’s point and purpose for writing the article, the authors thesis.I do not want to read your ideas, in this section; I want you to show me how you understand the author’s ideas and in the end of the section how it is relevant today. These should take a minimum of 2 pages for a minimal grade, the quality of the information and how it represents your understanding of the material will be a contributing factor.I want you to explore the information past the surface, beyond your first impression, maybe reading the article more than once.

Conclusion:Here is where I would like your opinion; if you agree/disagree; why is it important/unimportant, give reasons. I would like to read the thought processes that the article provoked within you and how this information is relevant in our evolutionary, biological and even social construction as a species…

Remember this class and the assignments are a part of a holistic and relativistic discipline that studies, what it mean to be human, biologically, socially and psychologically, through time.

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