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ART 7 lab questions

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Michelangelo’s Drawings

  1. What are your impressions of the drawings in this exhibition?
  2. How do the drawings compare to those of da Vinci that are shown in the unit?
  3. Which of the drawings do you find most interesting? Why?

Artists in Context

Choose at least two artists from the Renaissance period. Research their lives and their work using a variety of online and print resources.

You will present your research by either:

  • Creating a slideshow presentation (3-5 slides minimum)
  • Writing a research paper (2-3 pages minimum)

Whichever medium you choose to present your research, you will need to make sure that you answer/address the following questions:

  • How did each artist’s work reflect the ideas or historical events of the Renaissance?
  • How was their work similar or different?
  • Did they influence future artists, and if so, how?

You also need to cite your references in standard bibliography format at the end of your presentation or paper.

TABLE Grading Rubric

Full credit Partial Credit No credit
Part I: Michelangelo’s Drawings (30%)

Student gives complete answers that describe his or her impressions of Michelangelo’s drawings and how they compare to da Vinci’s.

Answers are complete and demonstrate an understanding of illustration.

Student’s answers are not complete or contain incorrect information; or, not all questions are answered.

Student does not provide answers to any of the questions.

Part II: Research Paper or Slideshow Presentation (60%)

Student describes (in 2-3 pages or 3-5 slides) the influence, historical context, and work of two or more Renaissance artists, comparing and contrasting them using logical, well-researched evidence and descriptive language.

Student provides a bibliography in correct format with relevant print and online references.

Student describes the work of fewer than two Renaissance artists or does not meet the page minimum/slide minimum.

The student does not accurately describe the artists’ work, influence, or historical context.

Student provides a bibliography but does not follow correct citation format. Or, references are not relevant and do not include multiple print and online sources.

Student does not write a complete paper/create a complete slideshow presentation describing the work of any Renaissance artists.

Student does not include a bibliography.

Part I & II: Mechanics (10%)

Answers for Part I and research for Part II are presented in a well-organized, well-formatted manner.

There are few to no punctuation, spelling, or grammatical errors in Part I or II of the Lab.

Answers for Part I and research for Part II are presented in a somewhat well-organized manner.

There are several punctuation, spelling, or grammatical errors, but nothing major, in Part I or II of the Lab.

Answers for Part I and research for Part II are not presented in a well-organized manner.

There are multiple punctuation, spelling, or grammatical errors in Part I or II of the Lab.

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