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-1.Principal of Management:

The Company is Apple:An overview of the issue/topic you will analyze and why you chose this topic in at least 150 words.

-2. Addition and Obsession: Social Media Addiction. Social Media Addiction | Kanopy

1.One paragraph summary (at least 3-4 sentences) of what documentary film was about and if there was any bias (This means: is the film presented from a particular biased standpoint? Or does the film present a balanced viewpoint, showing all opposing sides?).

2.How does this documentary film connect or relate to the topic and discussion as well as to your personal life?

3.What did you learn in this documentary film/movie in relation to ideas we have covered in class? (State something NEW you learned about the topic from the documentary).

4.What was your reaction and opinion of the documentary film,and would you recommend it to future classes? (This is where you provide your critique of the film. Explain WHAT makes it recommendable or not; Explain WHY you think it’s a good–or bad–film).

-3. Addiction and Obsession:Gambling, Eating Disorders, Shopping, and Other Behavioral Addictions

Read the following case study:

Swan is a 14-year-old student at the Sea-Cow School for the Performing Arts. Her goal in life is to be a world-acclaimed ballet dancer. She has been dancing ever since she was 4 years old, when her parents enrolled her in a Ballet for Tots program. Swan’s parents have always encouraged her to pursue her dream of dancing professionally. As a young girl, Swan had the perfect body for a ballet dancer, slim and flexible. Within the last year, Swan has become concerned that she is gaining weight. She heard from friends that smoking cigarettes could help her stay thin, although she didn’t exactly know why. Swan became desperate to control her weight and started borrowing cigarettes from friends. Eventually, she was smoking almost a pack of cigarettes a day and felt edgy and irritable if she went without smoking for more than a few hours. She thought about trying diet pills or even barbiturates to avoid the smell of the cigarette smoke.

Then refer to the following toolkit for parents: “National Eating Disorder Association: Parent ToolKit”

A 300-word post that responds to the following questions:

Swan’s parents have approached you, the school counselor, because they found rolling papers in her room. Although Swan denies using any other drugs, her parents are convinced that she has been smoking marijuana.

  1. How would you approach this as case as a school counselor?
  2. Do you think Swan is addicted or at risk for addiction? (If yes, which ones, and why?)
  3. What questions would you ask Swan and her parents?
  4. What recommendations would you make?

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