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Was Andrew Jackson a great president, history assignment

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1.  Was
Andrew Jackson a great president? Opinions are mixed. What is yours? Consider
the words that Jackson biographer James Parton wrote in 1859:

“Andrew Jackson, I am given to understand, was a
patriot and a traitor. He was one of the greatest of generals, and wholly
ignorant of the art of war… He was the most candid of men, and was capable of
the profoundest dissimulation… A democratic autocrat [dictator]. An urbane
[sophisticated] savage. An atrocious [awful] saint.”

Now write a well-constructed essay of your own about the
quality of the Jackson presidency. Be sure to start with a clear thesis
statement and then give specific examples of events and issues to support your


2.   American
life changed dramatically during the first part of the nineteenth century. The
United States’ economy changed from a subsistence economy to a market economy.
What does that mean and why did it happen?

Write a well-constructed essay that:

•  Explains
the difference between a subsistence economy and a market economy.

•  Explains
the reasons why the shift to a market economy occurred.

•  Briefly
describes the adjustments in manufacturing, agriculture, transportation, and
communication that took place in each section of the country during this

Which of these changes and innovations helped unite the
country and why?

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