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Topic Proposal for a paper on pitching to be an Ethics consultant for a University, communications homework help

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The company being pitched to is “Amelioration University” a made up university and the position being pitched is an Ethics Consultant.

What must be in the proposal?

First, keep in mind that this is a formal proposal. You are requesting approval from your
instructor to move forward with your idea. Also, learners cannot type this out in 30 minutes
and expect to have your topic approved or to get a decent grade. It requires a significant
amount of thought and consideration in order to write a quality proposal. Please know that the
instructor will return your proposal with either an approval of your topic, or suggestions for

Please be aware that no topic is guaranteed to be approved. What you are submitting is a
proposal, a request, if you like. Your instructor will make the decision of whether your proposal
fits within the parameters of the course.

Also, if two students propose the same topic, the instructor will evaluate both proposals and
make alternate suggestions as needed. Oftentimes, when students have similar ideas, the
approach to the topic can be adjusted so that neither student’s research is overlapping the
other, which would require the students to jockey for access to resources.
In a few concise words, you should be able to give the reader an idea of
the focus of your pitch. You should at least have a descriptive noun and an action verb in the
working title. Remember, you are trying to sell a service that many see as “nonessential” so you
must work hard to grab the audience’s attention from the very start.
Your proposal, at minimum, should be double spaced and address the following points
(although you would “not” number them).

1. Start with an introductory sentence in which you try to “hook” the reader. Remember,
this is a hard sales pitch. You want to convince this “Company X” that they should hire
you. Further, you need to get this contract in order to pay your bills and feed yourself.
There are many other freelancers out there who are also trying to sell this same service
to “Company X,” so treat this as a professional, high stakes, presentation.

2. Why should this particular group hire you? What can this company get from you that
they can’t get from any other freelancer? Focus on your particular
experience/background/education, or other relevant training and skills that you can
provide that no one else has.

3. What would you provide in a code of ethics written specifically for this company? You
don’t have to give away the complete code of ethics you would write for them, but you
should give them an idea or an outline of what to expect if they retain your services.
a. If this is an existing company, you should be able to demonstrate that you have
either studied their current Code of Ethics (if they have one). If they don’t have
one, you need to convince them that they need to create one posthaste.

4. Explain what your own philosophy is concerning media ethics. What is your position?
Who are some scholars/authors who have done work related to this subject who have
influenced you? What are some sources that you have found interesting or that you
would like to study more? You should include a working draft of your bibliography.
Consult your instructor or view the website if you
have questions about how to format a particular source correctly. You need to
demonstrate that you are knowledgeable about the field of ethics, particularly as it
relates to the media.

5. Why are you the best fit for this company? Why should they hire you and not your
competitor waiting out in the hallway? Is it because you have an in-depth knowledge of
how this company/industry works? Is it because you have worked in this field for many
years and you know it inside and out? Don’t be modest; “toot your own horn.”

6. Make it as clear as you can (without being condescending) that you are the obvious
choice to provide this service. You want the company to come away thinking, “You
know, it’s a no-brainer that we would use her/his services. It’s a perfect fit.”

7.Your proposal must be at least 2-3 pages long.

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