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In preparation for the Term Project, we would like you to explore one of the most valuable resources available for occupational information: O*Net. The purpose of this week’s discussion assignment is to familiarize you with O*Net, and to get you thinking about your future project.

– Go to to learn about O*Net.

-Once you understand what O*Net is, visit the and pick an occupation. Remember, you can be as creative as you want, but this is a good time to think towards your final project.

Your post will include two steps:

     1. select ANY occupation of interest listed on O*net, and read the associated summary (skills, tasks, etc.). Considering these associated characteristics, and thinking about who you are, describe attributes of yourself that would 1) enable your success in this occupation, and 2) be challenging for you, should you chose this occupation. Please be as detailed as you can.

     2. After you’ve contemplated the occupation and how it would fit you, list three potential health concerns based on the information provided by O*net. Provide at 1 mental and 1 physical concern.

     3. How important is being self aware to the occupational health of an individual involved with this occupation?

As always, reply to another student’s post.

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