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Get a Free Originality Report

Create an opening statement or thesis, developing a core theme for your paper, writing homework help

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Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word comprehensive paper. A comprehensive paper should incorporate concepts from your previous GEN/201 coursework including but not limited to: The Continuing Academic Success Thesis/Outline, Critical Thinking/Ethics Inventory, and the Sources Assignments.

Use the template provided to assist in your paper. 

The final paper’s focus is to help you share what you learned throughout your studies in GEN/201, including how you will apply this knowledge to take responsibility for your success in your education and your career.

Include the following concepts and ideas in your final paper: 

  • Create an opening statement or thesis, developing a core theme for your paper (i.e. Continuing Academic Success).
  • Include at least one educational goal and one career goal and how setting goals can lead to greater educational and career success.
  • Discuss how the writing process discussed in GEN201 can help you advance in your education and your career.
  • Share an example of how the information from your Ethical Lens Inventory can help you make better decisions and how this impacts your educational and career success.
  • Elaborate on the steps will you take to improve your critical-thinking skills to help you advance academically. Use the critical thinking information you explored in GEN201.
  • Highlight the university resources you will use to ensure academic success and also consider the benefits and challenges of working with outside sources.
  • As you conclude the paper feel free to include any other important lessons you learned in this course and summarize.

 The paper format should include the following:

  • An introduction
  • A body incorporating the ideas below as well as a minimum of three properly cited and referenced sources from the University Library  
  • A conclusion
  • A reference page

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines. Run a Grammarly Report and proofread your paper.

Comments from last paper:  you have worked extremely hard on your paper. Excellent work. Since I was not able to have a one on one conversation with you Thursday night, fine tune your thesis and add additional bullet points in the areas of educational goals, (don’t forget to write one goal you have set for yourself), what your personal learning style is and how that will help and perhaps hinder you, how the writing process can help you advance your education and career, what resources do you have, both inside and outside of the university, and finally the importance of academic integrity. When you are completing your week three writing assignment, make every attempt to begin to use Riverpoint writer and use some of the fine resources the University provides. Well done.


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