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Week 4 Task 8

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Reply to the following post in 100 words or

Qualitative research

Hello Professor Cordova and Class,

According to Ghauri (2010), qualitative research is composed of three main components: Data, Interpretative or Analytical Procedure and Report. The Data is usually collected through performing interviews and observations. Interpretative or analytical procedure are the techniques that are used to conceptualize and analyze the data to arrive a theories or finding. Report is written or verbal (Chapter 8). My company recently underwent a company wide reorganization which included a redesigned human resource management change. We also change the term of “Human Resources” to “Human Performance”. My leadership could use qualitative research to measure the effect of the new Human Performance redesign.


Ghauri, P. (2010). Research Methods in Business Studies (4th ed.). Retrieved from The University of Phoenix eBook Collection database.

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