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PSYC 100 Discussion

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There is debate in psychology about how much of children’s (and adult’s) development is genetically determined (due to nature) vs. environmentally determined (due to nurture). This is an incredibly difficult topic to research, but it has been done in innovative ways. Read the following brief summary of research approaches to understanding the relative influences of nature (genetics) and nurture (environment) on pp.2-4 below:…

After reading this article,

How twin studies and adoption studies can be used separately and together to try to understand the different influences of genetics and the environment.

You might write about what researchers can learn by comparing (a) monozygotic (identical) twins vs. dizygotic (fraternal) twins, (b) biological children/parents vs. adopted children/parents, (c) monozygotic twins raised together vs. monozygotic twins separated at birth and raised separately (by adoptive parents).

In your post, consider what other factors might need to be considered, and what limits there are to these types of studies.

Page limit: less than 1 page

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