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Physics Lab 6

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IMG_0255[1].JPGIMG_0254[1].JPGPH220B_Lab_Project_Answer_Sheet (2).doc

Ballistic Pendulum

Lab 6 (See Chapter 7 and especially Example 7-10, p. 178)
involves the ballistic pendulum.  This simulation can be downloaded from
Grantham’s Website; its file name is “BALLISTIC PENDULUM PO.ip”.  In
this simulation, an object (the projectile) strikes and becomes embedded
in a block of wood suspended from the ceiling by two strings of
negligible mass.  You will be asked to read the measurement tables and
make calculations concerning total mechanical energy and momentum
(energy and momentum are conserved since friction and air resistance are
absent).  These measurements will result in the determination of the
initial velocity of the projectile (actually the initial velocity and
the velocity upon impact are identical).  Fill in the blanks in the Lab 6
Answer Sheet at the end of this lab.  Send in this Lab Answer sheet at
the end of each week when you have finished the labs(s) for the week.
These can be sent via USPS (postal), or scanned and sent as .pdf or
picture files (e.g., .tif, .gif, etc.) or by any other method of your
choice as long as the Answer Sheets are legible and translatable by
Grantham University. 

Run the simulation and fill in the blanks below and copy over to the
Lab 6 Answer Sheet.  Find the time, t, that the bullet embedded in the
block of wood reaches its maximum height.  T = _____.

q. If h = Δy = yf – yi, where h is the change
in the height of the block at equilibrium to its maximum height, from
the position measurement table h. h = ____________.

q. Calculate the velocity of the bullet: v = _________.

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