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Need 2 responses in total, one for each (one for A, one for B) . Each response need 5-10 sentences.

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I only need 2 responses in total, ONE FOR A AND ONE FOR B, I do not need response for each questions.

plz write like” i agree with you answer ………” and add some new information.


Integrating asset and liability management. What is accomplished when a bank integrates its liability management with its asset management?

If a bank integrates its liability management with its assets management, it can improve the performance and by implementing this strategy, the interest rate risk reduces. For example: as a source of funds by focusing on the short-term CD which may result in the concentration on rate-sensitive assets like floating-rate loans.

Interest Income. How can gross interest income rise, while the net interest margin remains somewhat stable for a particular bank?

Gross expenses may rise during periods in which gross interest income rises, as both variables respond to increasing market interest rates. Under these conditions, the net interest margin may remain somewhat stable.

Ownership of SIs What are the alternative forms of ownership of a savings institution?

Stock savings institutions are owned by shareholders, and mutual savings institutions are owned by depositors.

Exposure to Interest Rate Risk: Is the cost of funds obtained by finance companies very sensitive to market interest rate movements? Explain.

The interest expenses on short-term funds obtained by issuing commercial paper and other short-term debt are sensitive to interest rate movements. The interest rate expenses on funds obtained from issuing bonds are not sensitive to interest rate movements.


Rate Sensitivity

List some rate-sensitive assets and some rate-insensitive assets of banks.


The rate-sensitive assets of the bank are as follows:

  1. Floating-rate loans
  2. Short-term securities

The rate-sensitive liabilities of the bank are as follows:

  1. Long-term fixed-rate loans
  2. Long-term securities

Noninterest Income

Why have large money center banks’ noninterest income levels typically been higher than those of smaller banks?


Noninterest income is an income resulted from fees charged on services provided by the bank, such as lock-box services, banker’s acceptances, cashier’s checks, and foreign exchange transactions etc.

Generally Large money center banks typically have higher non-interest income levels than that of smaller banks, because large banks tend to offer a wide variety of services to the customer and in turn can charge fee for those services.

Regulation of SIs

What criteria are used by regulators to examine a savings institution?


Capital, asset quality, management ability, earnings potential, liquidity, and sensitivity to risk factors.

Uses of Funds

Describe the major uses of funds by finance companies.


The major uses of funds are consumer loans (including credit card loans), business loans, leasing, mortgages on commercial real estate & second mortgages on residential property.

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