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Market Research Paper on Artist Management and Record labels

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Entertainment Industry Research Brief

Deliverable: Word Document using APA format

For this project, you will conduct market research on (Artist Management and Record Labels) of the entertainment
industry that you will be focusing as you develop your entertainment business plan. You
will also conduct market research on the main leaders in the specific segment of the
entertainment industry you are most interested in.

Be sure to include your responses in an APA research paper format for each of the
sections in a Word document. Be sure to include in-text citations, a title page and a
reference page in APA format.


Successful Business Plan, Ch. 2, 5 – 9     (I will attach pages for you)
The Brand Gap: Intro, Ch. 1 & 4The Market Research GuideFull Sail University’s Library Research Databases
Worksheet 2.1 – Getting Started with Your Market Research
Worksheet 2.4 – Creating Your Company’s Buyer Persona (I will attach this worksheet for you)


  1. Market Research Overview – Provide the main consumer and market trends that

    have influenced your industry in the last five years. Incorporate three significant
    industry trends using at least three different quantifiable market research
    (numbers, percentages, monetary) citations. Identify and include the main
    leaders in the specific segment of the entertainment industry you are researching.
    Include the in-text citations of your research using APA format. *See Library

  2. Buyer Persona – Create a buyer persona for one of the leading entertainment
    company’s main target audience based on your research of the companies in your
    selected industry. This fictional person represents the main target audience for the
    leading entertainment company that you select. Include a specific name, photo, age,
    income, where he/she lives, title, job/responsibility and main lifestyle habits.
    Include a narrative about the buyer persona that provides a reflection on their daily
    life. Use market research to create an effective, realistic profile of the buyer persona
    for the entertainment company’s main target market. Cite your sources.

  1. Positioning Statement – For the leading entertainment company you are
    researching, provide the Unique Value Proposition for this entertainment company
    and be sure to incorporate the positioning statement formula. Discuss the main
    competitor and its differentiator in the market.

  2. Library Requirement: For this assignment, you will use the Full Sail University
    library to access EBSCOhost, Lexis-Nexis, trade journals, other publications or other
    available library resources to conduct research on a minimum of three (3)
    entertainment market research trends that meet the criteria outlined in Sections 1-
    3 of this assignment.

    Use your research findings to answer the questions listed in Sections 1-3 of the
    assignment and, as always, be sure to provide proper citations for each of your

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