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how social media effects relationships

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Final Draft – Cultural Comparison Study

Now that you have conducted your survey or observation, you will add the Results and Conclusion sections to your existing rough draft. Your final paper should include the following sections:


Include title, name, course and semester


This is a brief, one-paragraph summary of your study, focusing on the topic, variable, and results.


-Define your topic

-Provide general information or statistics on this topic. This is the place to quote popular sources, news articles, etc. Why is it culturally relevant or interesting? Endnote citations [ex: (Riggs, 2016)] are used in paragraph, in addition to full Works cited page

-Identify and define all cultural variables you plan to observe.

-Clearly state a hypothesis for each variable. You can provide reasoning behind your prediction, but be cautious about your language. Identify what sort of correlation you expect to find between variables in a nonbiased, objective manner.


-Summarize at least 3 scholarly studies related to your topic. Summaries should include the authors and location of the study, the type of study, number of participants, and significant findings. (150-250 words per study).

-These must be from scholarly sources, rather than popular ones. The articles you choose to include should provide support for your hypothesis.


-Describe how you will carry out your study, with as much detail as possible. After reading your description, I should be able to go out and replicate exactly the way you conducted your study.

(Who, what, when, where, how)

-Include a complete copy of survey questions and answer choices, and a link to your e-survey if applicable.

-Explain how you will collect data, how you will sort the data, and compare results. Be as specific.


-Describe your results in detail. Include at least one chart or scatterplot graph of your rough data (no more than 1 page in size).

-For each cultural variable mentioned in your hypothesis, describe the results you found. Were your hypotheses correct? Why or why not?

-Include at least one chart or graph providing a visual summary of your data as it relates to your main hypothesis. (the graph should directly compare cultural groups and their relationship to the main topic).


Discuss whether your findings were significant or not. Identify any limitation of your study, such as a small sample size, convenience sampling, unequal ratio of participants in various groups, etc., that may have distorted results. How could the study have been improved?


Include full APA style-citations for any articles, definitions, and sources you used in your paper. Remember. you may include popular sources in your introduction, but you must also include at least three studies from academic sources in your Literature Review. Endnote citations [ex: (Riggs, 2016)] are used in paragraph, in addition to full Works cited page

*Remember, you are writing a formal research paper. Use third-person voice, objective language, and proofread for grammar and clarity. Include a title page, a running header with your title, and page numbers. Use paragraph and page breaks to break up sections. Grammar and clarity count, so make sure to proofread and check for errors. I expect you to put a great deal of effort into this project. (Approximately 5-6 pages SINGLE SPACED)



State a clear hypothesis in this section, specific to your expected results. You mention attitudes and patterns of thought as variables, as well as relationship status and age. I suggest choosing one or two variables, such as age or level of social media use, and comparing participant groups on their attitudes toward social media and how it impacts relationships.


down below is an attachment of the example essay, the rough draft essay relating to this final draft, and an attachment of the chart summary of the results of the survey needed to be pasted into the final draft.

5-6 PAGES SINGLE SPACED. Professor wants APA format but single spaced.

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