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Healthcare policy in nursing

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Worksheet #1

1.  Describe a public-health policy issue with which you have personal and/or professional experience, and about which you are interested, familiar, and passionate. Why is this issue of particular interest/importance to you and to the profession of nursing? Examples of policy issues include

·  Access to health care

·  Adult or childhood obesity

·  Clinical practice issues

·  Social issues

·  Environmental issues

·  Nutrition

2.  What is the specific problem, including background, surrounding this issue? Is there a need for a new law or campaign related to this issue? Is there a need for change to an existing law? Is there need for a change in regulatory issues? What specific supportive evidence do you have for this issue, including evidence and references? You will need to include this in your message/ask/recommendation(s).

3.  Review thoughts regarding your chosen policy issue. It is important to analyze your issue thoroughly. Be sure you address the following with evidence and research:

·  Context

·  Goals/options

·  Evaluation of options

·  Recommended solutions

4.  How can you find out the current status of this issue? Is there a website (professional organization such as the American Nurses Association or local, state, or federal government) that provides status updates or alerts? Please describe.

5.  What level(s) of government does your issue involve (local, state, federal)? What level of government is your immediate target? Please describe.


Assignment Criteria for Presentation:

1.  Provide an introduction to your policy-priority issue.

2.  Articulate key points under each of the Formulating a Health Care Policy Ungraded Worksheet #1 sections, using the headings in your paper.

3.  Provide a critique of empirical evidence that supports your chosen policy issue and analysis.

4.  Demonstrate the importance and impact of the chosen policy issue to nursing.

5.  Provide concluding statements summarizing the content.

6.  The paper will be a minimum of 4 pages and a maximum of five pages in length , in APA format 6th edition, excluding the title and reference page.

Preparing the Paper

After completing Formulating a Health Care Policy  Worksheet #1, address all areas on the worksheet in the body of a scholarly paper. Include a minimum of five (5) classic or current references published within the past 5 years.

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