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explain the meanings of terms diversity and conflict

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The supplementary for BUSN is the a1000 word essay where you need to:

  1. Explain the meanings of the terms ‘diversity’ and ‘conflict’ and their relevance in the context of the workplace and society. (GA 2)
  2. Analyse relevant theories to explain the relationship between workplace diversity and conflict and the principles of their effective management in a socially responsible manner. (GA 2, 3, 4)
  3. Demonstrate appropriate information gathering, collaborative teamwork and multi literacies. (GA 8)

Make sure that you address all relevant issues with references that have been published from 2013 onwards. Older sources will not be counted. Your essay needs to have a minimum of 8 academic references.

Please submit on turnitin – the site is in your archived list and a turnitin link has been set up.

As this is a supplementary Rita and I cannot provide you with any further detail but to say as a starting point go back and read what diversity and conflict is – understand the terms then analyse using relevant theories.

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