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due in three hours. questions and their answers .

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Read the material in your packet on how to write good:

  • Multiple Choice questions
  • True False questions
  • Fill-In the blank questions
  • Short Answer questions

Submit 5 questions in each of these categories based on the reading and in-class material that has been covered in the course since the start of course or last exam. Place your questions, in a word document. Bold the correct answers (for multiple choice and True/False) and provide appropriate answers for the fill-in the blank and short answer questions. You must provide answers to your questions. Upload this word doc to canvas.

Grading will be based on the following

Content: 60% of grade

  • Is the question written well and seems to offer a good assessment of the student’s knowledge?
  • Is the question about material from the past week?
  • Is the answer to the question correct?

Grammar and Mechanics: 40 % of grade

  • Does the submitted question follow the guidelines in the document about writing test questions?
  • No Obvious Spelling Errors
  • Grammar, mechanical, punctuation, and typographical errors missing
  • Words are used correctly

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