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According to our lecture and PowerPoint Presentation, the challenges to developing a portfolio are the time it takes to actually plan it out and create it, the commitment to maintain it, and making sure that the documents added to it are correct and acceptable (MSL 601, Lecture and PowerPoint Presentation, p. 10). I whole-heartedly identify with two of these challenges. I find that the beginning stage of planning and accumulating the portfolio will be a struggle. Having the patience to piece together how I want the portfolio to end will test how badly I want the portfolio. Because it will take time and effort to identify what needs to be included and make sure that it all flows together to make a complete ensemble of my achievements, will be very daunting. However, I will focus on my reasons for wanting the portfolio and its many benefits to keep me motivated to get it started.

So often getting started is thought to be the hardest part, but I find that, while the beginning is tough, to keep going is even harder. Therefore, maintaining the portfolio and keeping it updated will be most challenging for me, especially while I am juggling so many other things while continuing my education. Nevertheless, my commitment to completing the portfolio must stand under the same mottos as completing my graduate program, “it will be worth it in the end, and once I have it, nothing can take it away.”

Thus, as with most things, the challenges that come with developing my portfolio can be overcome by my determination to see it through to the end.


MSL 601 – Introduction to Graduate Education, Belhaven University, Unit 8, Portfolio.


I honestly see the biggest challenge for me in developing an academic portfolio is just taking the steps to actually get it done. I already keep all of my assignments saved and organized in a Google Drive folder, so it’s not even whether or not I’m saving anything – it’s more about taking the time to organize it and collect the pieces that will be the most relevant to a completed portfolio. I can easily convince myself that, since all of the pieces will already be backed up and easily accessible, I won’t need to organize and compile certain pieces of that into an official portfolio.

Something else that I can see as a roadblock, so to speak, is that it’s not necessarily an official assignment (excluding this week’s writing assignment and the fact that the eventual capstone project will heavily rely on it). It’s not something I’ll have to turn in or about which I’ll have regular check-ins. Due to the demands on my time, I could fall prey to letting that be an excuse to not get it done since there are so many other things that will be graded or have deadlines at work.

Steps to overcome both of these things just have to do with being intentional. I can set up pseudo-deadlines on my own personal calendar that will help me hold myself accountable. I can start a file now and add things to it as I complete assignments that feel particularly relevant to my educational and career goals so it can be included in the portfolio. If I make the decision now to do it well, I know it’ll make things much easier down the road.


MSL 601: Introduction to graduate education. Belhaven University: Unit Eight– Portfolio

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