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2 Pages Describe How Disease Patterns

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Please go to CDC website and find some data/ information from CDC Morbidity and Mortality
Weekly Report (MMWR).

Use the
data from CDC website to describe how disease patterns over time, across various
geographic places, and among various population groups.

In other words, you need
use CDC data to describe how descriptive epidemiology (mortality rate/morbidity rate)
varied by person, or place, or time.

You must do:

1.You must use CDC data/information .

2. The data information must be presented with table or graph format.

3. Use CDC dataset to describe how descriptive epidemiology (incidence rate/mortality
rate) varied by persons, place, and time.

4. APA format

Note: Please do not intentionally “cut and paste” other people’s language or
description into your case study assignment and It will be treated as an act of
academic dishonesty.

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